Wedding photographer (and searcher for real-life events). 


I live in Italy, my homeland, and it's hard to think living somewhere else, but I love to travel the world and meet new people and new places.
I have a passion for cooking and good food with a glass of wine.
I like animals, any kind of, especially my dog Vivì, and my parrot Gisella, they are brilliant and clever and I love to spend time with them.
I work in the city centre but live in campaign, up to the hills, a bit far from the chaotic life, it's my recharging island. Sunrise and sunset with a great horizon it's the best gift everyday.
I deeply love gardening and have the luck to own a tiny garden, with English roses, tulips, peony, olive tree and more.


In fifteen years of activity I have become an expert and qualified wedding photojournalist  as acknowledged by the qualifications I have obtained.
Altogether they also tell about my experience as a fashion photographer, the care for details I place in advertising photography, my vocation for reportages and my way of portraying the spontaneity of gestures and the genuineness of people, which is technically defined as style. But all this is nothing compared to the emotions felt by a bride and groom being as they go through the pictures of their wedding taken by me. What I like the most about weddings is that I never know what is going to happen, but at the same time I am the first to desire to find that out. Therefore every time I go to a location I keep my mind and eyes open for anything, ready to anticipate what is going to be "WOW!". I let things happen. I participate, listen and when the time is right, shoot.
No rehearsed scenes or pre-defined poses, everything is the outcome of a seized moment in time.
I do not require that the bride and groom model for me, I am the one performing as a photographer for them. So while everybody is enjoying the party, I rely on a certainty I always carry with me: when two people join together for the rest of their lives anything that happens before, during and afterwards turns into something magic. And, so as not to miss the magic, I shoot even when no-one is looking. 


A moment is forever.
(The nice thing about getting married is remembering it.) It all happens in one moment.
Something that was not there before, is there one moment later, and another moment later it is not there anymore. The difference between before and after lies in the moment in which that something happens or is said, like an "I do".
I believe the value of photography lies in this: that moment chosen to last forever. 


My promise to the bride and groom. 

I believe in the value of memories,
because of this each of my snapshots is going to be unique.
I believe in emotions that leave you speechless,
this is why I will let emotions speak from within my photos. I believe in the authenticity of people,
because of this I will uncover them and always present them from their best side. I believe in unrepeatable moments,
because of this I will never miss a fleeting moment.
I trust love and this will show in each photo. 



QEP Qualified European Photographer Reportage
QIP  Qualified Italian Photographer Fashion
QIP  Qualified Italian Photographer Portraits
QIP  Qualified Italian Photographer Wedding






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